5.8 Glider Side.jpg
5.8 Glider Front.jpg
5.8 Glider Aft.jpg
5.8 Glider Top.jpg

Preliminary Specifications*:

Length without engine mounts


Draft without engine

Height with handrails

Appr. empty weight





Propulsion possibilities


5,80m - 19ft

3,00m - 3.9ft

0,40m - 1.37ft

1,70m - 5.69ft

320kg - 507 pound

7 + 1

Hatch to open with either seat or storage underneath,
or passarelle to shore from the bow 170cm extension also to be used as handycapped friendly entrance to the boat

carbon / epoxy / PVC composite sandwich

Dr. Orhan Çelikkol

2 x 16-115hp outboard

1 x single up to 200hp outboards
1 x 80kW electric motor with shaft drive with 2x40kW battery packs
Possibility of jet drives

-Can be also with a hardtop or bimini or can be re designed with full tent closure to create a mini camper allowing a bed   for 2 people
-A tent seperated head and a small fridge with about 600 Watt solar panel supply

Note : A hydrofoil system is under development at the moment to be added

*Specs are subject to change